I’ve spent the last several years developing hundreds of free resources for you. I’ve posted some of them here. I’ll post more as I have time.

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What I believe about you
An honest, affirming, and accurate look at you!
#identity | pdf copy for you

A prayer for you
A prayer for you I have every reason to believe God will answer.
#prayer | pdf for you

How to hear the voice of God
How to hear the voice of God – part one
How to hear the voice of God—part two
How to hear the voice of God—part three
How to hear the voice of God—part four
How to hear the voice of God—part five
How to hear the voice of God—part six
How to hear the voice of God—part seven
#prayer | pdf for you

Are you embarrassed when people ask you to pray out loud?
A simple guide…
#prayer | pdf for you

How to forgive those who have hurt you
Here are some ideas the work in the real world…
Steps to forgiving others
Forgiving does not invite abuse
Forgiving is deeper than just words
To forgive others, we must look at what really happened
The truth: Jesus can handle it
Forgiving others empowers us
Only Jesus can replace hate with love
Trading up
You can only forgive from a position of strength
Jesus makes the impossible easy
#recovery #forgiving | pdf for you

When Christian leaders disappoint (pdf only)
Sooner or later, it will happen…

How to restore someone who has stumbled
#restoration | pdf for you

Good news of great joy
The Christmas classic
#Christmas | pdf for you

What money teaches us about the heart of God
Five very different ways Christians experience money | pdf for you

Which books of the Bible are easiest to read?
A ranking of all 66 books of the Bible from easiest to hardest to understand
#Bible | pdf for you

A summary of the Bible
#Bible | (I posted this at one of my other sites.)

Which version of the Bible should I read? (pdf only)
#Bible | pdf for you

What it means to follow Jesus (pdf only)
A detailed and honest explanation

The gospel as I understand it
A short explanation
#gospel | pdf for you

The life of Jesus (pdf resource)
A blend of selected passages from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John rendered in everyday English with helpful real world insights arranged in bite-sized daily readings. Taken from Dwight’s book, Rediscover God.

7 Reasons I Choose Jesus (pdf)
Our faith is not unreasonable
#gospel #faith

7 Freedoms-Your Birthright as a Child of God
#recovery | pdf for you

5 things every survivor of sexual abuse needs to know
Reassuring and empowering…
#recovery | pdf for you

Something to hang onto when your world is falling apart
A life lesson from Elisha the prophet
#overcoming | pdf for you

Are we really wretched sinners?
#identity | a re-examination of that troubling passage in Romans 7

4 Principles for dating
4 ways to build a healthy relationship
#relationship | pdf for you

Why fishing in a bucket never works and nine other things you need to know about dating and marriage
How to move forward on solid ground
#relationship | pdf for you

“Someone needs to change for me to be okay…”
Don’t give someone else the power to control your happiness!
#relationship | pdf for you

7 questions to ask before voting: A fresh look at Christianity and politics
Our identity as Christians is a thousand times more important than any political label we might carry. I hope these questions will inspire us to move—not right or left—but closer to God.
#politics | pdf for you

7 questions you must answer before you write your book
Dreaming of writing your first book? Here’s what you need to know.
#publishing | pdf for you

Not free, but good!
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