What if you could meet with God and walk away transformed—healthier, happier, stronger?


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Transformation: Here’s your next step

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Your next step is the Inner Wealth subscription

I recommend you start by checking out the Inner Wealth subscription here. The Inner Wealth subscription will help you to begin to understand the Christian faith from a transformational perspective. Jesus didn’t intend to reform us, instead He transforms us if we will allow Him to do so. Most people don’t understand how that works. (I didn’t for many years. But once I did, everything changed.) Check out the subscription here…

This subscription will show you how to overcome inner struggles and approach all of life from a position of strength…


Inner Wealth empowers us to

  • Overcome inner barriers
  • Overcome life controlling issues
  • Overcome disabling beliefs
  • Overcome a painful past
  • Overcome damaging emotions
  • Overcome bitterness and hurt
  • Overcome challenges caused by other people

It is designed to help you approach all of life from a position of strength and peace.

It is meant for people who

  • are open to following Jesus and
  • are in reasonably good psychological health.


Another next step is to check out my How to Forgive course. Take the first several lessons for free, then, if you want to continue, you pay the course fee that fits your budget. Here’s the first lesson…

How to forgive
Forgiving is hard, isn’t it? No, it isn’t. It’s impossible. Unless you know how.


Once you understand Inner Wealth, here’s the next step…

Once you understand Inner Wealth, I recommend you complete my course, Spiritual Self Defense. This is intermediate level instruction on Christian transformation and transformational prayer. Spiritual Self Defense shows you how to overcome anxiety, anger, addiction, and all kinds of spiritual bullies using your relationship with Jesus to access His supernatural power in your life. Again, you can start the course for free, and pay the course fee that makes sense for you after you’ve taken a few lessons. (Super subscribers to Inner Wealth get free immediate access to Spiritual Self Defense.) Check out the Spiritual Self Defense course here…

Spiritual Self Defense
My Spiritual Self Defense course will show you how to use the Christian faith to defend yourself from anxiety, anger, addiction, and all kinds of bullies.


Advanced options…

If you’re ready to move beyond the training outlined above, here are your options…


Individualized Transformation Coaching

For persons in south central Wisconsin, my wife Kim and I (mostly Kim) provide face-to-face Individualized Transformational Prayer Ministry Coaching. The purpose of this is to help you experience Christian transformation. Contact us here for details.

I (Dwight) also provide email-based Individualized Transformational Coaching. The purpose of this is to help you experience Christian transformation. Details are here.

Sorry, phone or Skype coaching or ministry is not available at this time.


Training in Transformational Prayer Ministry

Kim and/or I come to your location and provide small group training in Transformational Prayer Ministry. The purpose of this training is to teach you how to help others experience Christian transformation. To qualify for this, members of your group must have completed the Spiritual Self Defense course or its equivalent. We have years of experience providing this type of training, and we provide one of the few hands-on training and coaching opportunities available worldwide. I specialize in explaining the framework for Transformational or (inner healing) Prayer Ministry and Kim specializes in providing immersive, “behind-the-wheel” coaching on how to do Transformational Prayer Ministry. Details are here.

Inner healing & transformational prayer ministry training
Kim and I provide customized training in transformational prayer ministry