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You’ll come away from your meetings with God stronger, healthier, happier, forever transformed.

I teach you little known, but highly effective techniques for personal growth. I show you how to take life’s challenges and trade them in for “quiet miracles”—life-changing encounters with God.


Inner Wealth is thought-provoking, and it challenges me to get rid of lies in areas of my heart where I have been living deceived and see things through the lens of a holy, loving, and personal God. Embracing the freedom mentality over the try-hard mentality has taken my relationship with God to another level, and I’ve never felt more loved or more free! ~ Holly Clemente


Each Saturday morning you get access to video teaching which will be available to you for a couple of weeks. Here are some of topics we’ve covered:

  • Overcoming a painful past
  • Little known secrets to mind renewal
  • Overcoming anger (along with free access to my “how to forgive” course)
  • Dealing with doubt
  • Overcoming addiction

  • Overcoming failure
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Overcoming disabling beliefs
  • Overcoming fear
  • Breaking the sin-confess-sin cycle

  • Role of emotion in faith
  • What spiritual maturity is and how to obtain it
  • Getting free from deception
  • What to do when Christian leaders disappoint
  • Overcoming the pain of childhood sexual abuse

  • Understanding transformational prayer
  • Understanding transformational Christianity
  • Overcoming temptation, sin, and addiction
  • Are we constantly sinning?
  • Overcoming pornography

  • Hearing God’s voice
  • Developing a meaningful relationship with God
  • Overcoming guilt, shame, and condemnation
  • Neutralizing unpleasant emotions
  • Overcoming temptation

  • Overcoming inner barriers
  • What you need to know about transformational prayer
  • How Inner Wealth changes our view of God
  • Paradigm shifts and how they are the key you are looking for
  • Freedom is better than trying harder

  • Steps for processing past memories
  • How and why the past matters
  • Step-by-step process for forgiving others
  • Understanding repentance (hint: most people don’t)
  • Who you are and why it matters


In addition, you get instant access to the Inner Wealth course:

  • Lesson #1: What is Inner Wealth? (video 5:42)
  • Lesson #2: How inner wealth changes our view of God (video 4:17)
  • Lesson #3: How inner wealth makes it easy to apologize (video 3:02)
  • Lesson #4: How inner wealth makes it easier to forgive others (video 2:43)
  • Lesson #5: Is “inner wealth” found in the Bible? (video 7:20)

  • Lesson #6: The supernatural life vs. the admirable life (video 4:49)
  • Lesson #7: Spiritual disciplines and Inner Wealth (video 3:38)
  • Lesson #8: The wall in our minds (video 15:55)
  • Lesson #9: Principles of Inner Wealth (reference page)
  • Lesson #10: Overcoming inner barriers (instruction page with embedded video 5:25)

  • Lesson #11: Overcoming life-controlling issues (instruction page with embedded video 5:13)
  • Lesson #12: Overcoming temptation, sin, and addiction (video 4:11)
  • Lesson #13: Overcoming disabling beliefs (instruction page with embedded video 4:25)
  • Lesson #14: Overcoming a painful past (instruction page with embedded video 5:45)
  • Lesson #15: Overcoming bitterness and anger (instruction page with embedded video 5:34)

  • Lesson #16: Overcoming difficult emotions (instruction page with embedded video 6:42)
  • Lesson #17: Overcoming challenges caused by difficult people (instruction page with embedded video 6:09)
  • Lesson #18: Working with a partner (instruction page with embedded video 11:27)
  • Lesson #19: Overcoming guilt, shame, and condemnation (video 15:48)
  • Lesson #20: Added resource: Six one page guides



I have received a lot from Father God through Dwight. Thank You, Jesus, for Dwight in my life.

I´ve been doing transformational prayer with him since September 2015 and he´s helped me to clean several layers of very heavy stuff that were affecting my soul and my life.

If you´ve obtained good results from some other Christian source or facilitator but you feel like if you have plateaued, Dwight is the right person to go to. He helped me move forward. Just remember that our souls are always trying to keep us in the same place at all cost, and one “method or path ” is seldom enough.

He´s managed to place himself – through the Holy Spirit- above the traditional view of the human condition and Christianity as a way to just cope with life issues.

He´s come with amazing concepts and practical ways to overcome the works of darkness in our lives.

Addiction, debilitating emotions, unforgiveness, and limitation are more easily dealt with Dwight´s approach…

I highly recommend Dwight to take you to a higher level of understanding, healing, and freedom for he has a higher revelation for our lives in Jesus Christ. ~ Leo



Subscribe to Inner Wealth: $25 per month, unsubscribe anytime

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