What if…?

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What if you could meet with God and become stronger, healthier, happier?

When you subscribe to Inner Wealth, you will learn how to meet with God and walk away from those encounters transformed.

What does that look like, feel like, taste like?

It’s kinda like falling in love. All of a sudden, the whole world is different. The colors are brighter. The songs are sweeter. Everything inside has changed.
It’s like getting married—you know that henceforth life will be different, there’s no going back to the old life—and who would want to?
It’s like learning a wonderful secret—something that was hidden from you for years, but now you know. All things are different because now you know.


It’s a little different for each person, but for me I’ve had times when I’ve felt the deepest anguish, and then, in the next moment, I was laughing out loud, because Jesus walked in, and everything changed.

I want to suggest…and I want to insist…that God has many, many such life-changing encounters ready for you. They’re yours. You can have them any time you want.

I’ve experienced hundreds of these quiet miracles, and, as a result, I’m a very different person today than I was years ago. (If you want to read my story, it’s here.)

I want that for you. I want this Inner Wealth for you.


But a whole lot depends on you…

I wish there was a way I could just magically give Inner Wealth to you and to everyone, but I can’t. To be honest, most people aren’t ready to experience this. (I wish that wasn’t so, but it is.) So, before we go any further, I need to ask if you’re ready for this…



yes no Are you willing to meet with Jesus? Not everyone is. If you’re not, this isn’t for you. By the way, I’m not talking about saying a prayer. I’m not talking about reading about Jesus in a book. I’m talking about having a real live spiritual encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ where He shares His thoughts and feelings with you. Are you okay with that?


yes no Do you have the courage to be real? Are you prepared to be honest with yourself and honest with God? This doesn’t work if you need to pretend to be someone you aren’t. Are you okay with being 100% honest? Do you have that kind of courage?


yes no Do you have the humility to learn? I mean, if you already know it all, then you can’t learn anything from me, right?


yes no Are you reasonably healthy? By that I mean in reasonably good mental and emotional health. Inner Wealth can work for you if you have compromised emotional health, but you really need to add layers of safety to it because some of what I share might trigger you. If you have PTSD or trauma in your background, or if you have other mental health diagnosis(es), then you really need to process the material I share with your counselor or someone else trained to create a safe place for you to process your feelings. This is not meant as a slam on you at all; I just want you to be safe and okay.


If you’ve answered yes, then let’s keep going…


What is Inner Wealth good for?

“I couldn’t imagine my life without it.”

“…it opened me up to receive God in a way I never had before.”

“I could hardly believe my ears or what my eyes were seeing.”

“Crazy real…”

(survey responses)


My story

I didn’t even know I needed to meet with God…

I mean why would I? I was a Bible college graduate. I went to school to be a pastor. I had read the Bible dozens of times. I prayed every day. I was a good Christian.

And I was miserable.

Someone hurt my family. And I was obsessed with what he had done. I couldn’t shut it out of my head. It was on a loop running 24/7. I couldn’t sleep. Our marriage was going downhill. My wife finally convinced me to go see a counselor.

That made it worse. This counselor and I had zero chemistry. Zero. He told me he could teach me how to forgive for $1,800. But I didn’t want to forgive. I just wanted someone to change the past, and no one had the power to do that.

My breakthrough came in the fall of 2001. I met a man named Steve who had an amazing skill. He could sit down, listen to me, ask a few questions, and then all of a sudden Jesus was in the room.

Not physically of course. But He was there, and when He spoke to me all this hurt and anger I had inside started to melt away. I started to change. I started to relax. Our marriage got better—way better. I could sleep at night. I wasn’t angry at the man who hurt my family any more. In fact, I was hardly ever angry. I felt great.

I was a new person.

I want that for you…

Read the full version of my story here…



What do you want to receive from Inner Wealth?


Increase your productivity. Inner Wealth frees up a huge amount of internal energy you can use for pursuing your goals. Inner Wealth helps remove inner barriers that keep you from moving forward.


Enjoy your life. While Inner Wealth is NOT lazy, it also does NOT require more things or changed circumstances in order to be happy, content, joyful, at peace.


Enrich your marriage and/or other relationships. While Inner Wealth will NOT leave you in an abusive relationship, other people no longer need to change in order for you to be happy. This frees you to love them and enjoy their company without NEEDING anything from them. The result is much more satisfying relationships.


Gain strength. Inner Wealth shows you how to approach all of life from a position of strength.


Get free. Get free from life-controlling issues, a painful past, disabling beliefs, bitterness and hurt, and the other junk that weighs us down.


Enter a new dimension in your relationship with God. For most people, this is the crown jewel. For me, it’s like I’ve discovered a God I didn’t even know existed. Let me explain that. I’m a Bible college graduate. I trained to be a pastor. I had read the Bible dozens of times before discovering Inner Wealth. The God I thought was aloof and a little disgusted with me has taken on a warmth and our relationship has taken on an intimacy I never thought was possible.



What Inner Wealth is NOT

Don’t confuse what I’m describing here with church or sermons or Christianity as it is most often practiced. This is different. Much different.

Inner Wealth is NOT:

  • Try hard religion. Not even close.
  • A weird cult. I have zero interest in controlling you. I don’t think I would even know how. My understanding of the Bible and the Christian faith is mainstream. I just think God is a whole lot better than most people give Him credit for.
  • Some kind of fancy prayer tactic where you sing and shout and stomp about. No. Sorry.
  • A song or worship service. Worship music is great, but that’s not what this is.
  • Spiritual warfare. Nope. This is a different animal.
  • Speaking in tongues. If that’s your thing, great. If not, great. Inner Wealth is totally different.
  • Personal prophecies. Nope.
  • Something you’re going to hear in a sermon or learn in school.
  • Something you can Google or look up in a library.

“It’s not a new formula. It’s not a weird cult… Not a new technique or trick.”

(survey response)


What is Inner Wealth?

Inner Wealth is what you get when you meet with Jesus and walk away transfomed.

Inner Wealth delivers what outer wealth promises, but seldom provides—that sense of well being, of confidence, of knowing who you are and not being pushed out of the way by something or someone who wants to make you into something else.

Inner Wealth is the opposite of inner poverty. You know—that stuff that’s underneath all the pretension, all the performance, the posturing, the bravado.

Inner Wealth transfers the power back to you. Your old enemies no longer have the power to control your happiness. You are stronger than your circumstances, now able to approach all of life from a position of strength.

Inner Wealth is experiencing life as God intended—filled with meaning. Inner Wealth is seeing everything through God’s eyes.


What if I don’t like it?

Cancel. You can easily cancel any time. No worries, no hassle, no problem.


“…helps me find peace in this chaotic world.”

“I am more at peace …”

“…the results were so peaceful—a beautiful vision! I had never heard from the Lord like that ever before.”

(survey responses)


How does Inner Wealth work?

Let me explain it like this. Three of my kids are black belts. I watched them train, and I can tell you exactly what it takes to become a good martial artist. Here’s the secret: leverage. You need to understand how to get maximum results with minimal effort. Simple, huh? But learning how to do that very, very well takes years.

It’s the same way with Inner Wealth. I can tell you the secret right here, right now: Hand your head trash over to Jesus.

Simple, huh?

But getting really good at that takes time. That’s why Inner Wealth is a subscription. I understand it takes time, and I lead you through a process so you can get better and better at it.


Is this too scary?

Great question. Here’s the answer: It depends.

This is lifechange. Lifechange can be scary. And some people aren’t ready for it. For years, I wasn’t ready for it. If that’s you—if you’re not ready—no judgment from me. You’re just not ready. If you’re NOT ready, I would rather that you NOT subscribe. You won’t get anything out of this if you’re not ready, because you’ll be too scared to do what you need to do. You’ll make excuses. You’ll pretend you don’t have time. You’ll pretend to do it and then claim it doesn’t work for you. Or whatever, but—bottom line—you won’t get any benefit from this if you’re not ready.

In addition, if you have trauma in your background, then you need to take the following caution seriously. Yes, you can do this—if and only if—you do it with someone who can help you create a safe place for you to process your feelings—someone you trust, someone who has the training and experience to help.

On the other hand, you may be ready.

If you are ready, then, yes, this will require the courage to be honest with yourself. It will mean that you will look at your life and be real about what’s happened to you and what you’ve done about it. All of this will be between you and God—you don’t need to share any of this with me or anyone else—but you do need to look at it with God.

If you are ready, then this is lifechange. That means your life will change. You will become a different person. You will grow in fundamentally important ways. Others may or may not notice a difference in you, but you will certainly notice a difference in yourself. You’ll be more confident, more centered, more at peace, stronger, healthier, happier. That’s what happens when you meet with Jesus in the life changing ways I’m going to teach you.

Scary or not—you decide. If you’re ready, then you’ll face your fears and overcome.



What do you get with your Inner Wealth Subscription?

Here’s what you get with your Inner Wealth subscription:
Your Inner Wealth subscription is delivered to your inbox daily. Here’s what you get:


#1 Overcoming Life’s 7 Biggest Challenges

You get online instruction in Overcoming Life’s 7 Biggest Challenges including

• Inner barriers. How many times have you been held back by something inside that blocks you from achieving your goals? Here’s how to to disable that inner saboteur.

• Life controlling issues. Porn. Overeating. Or whatever. Addictions and life-controlling issues conspire to ruin your life. You can overcome them, but you can’t use the tired try harder method. It doesn’t work. You need something much, much stronger.

• Disabling beliefs. We all have them. They mess with your head, and drive down your quality of life. Your journey toward Inner Wealth pulls these weeds from your mind, but again, the methods most people use simply don’t work. You need stronger tools.

• Painful past. All of us drag painful memories around with us. But how do you overcome their gravitational pull? Just trying to forget will not work. Sure, you might not consciously think about them, but they’re still there, doing damage to your life and your relationships every day. You need an entirely different approach that disables the power of a painful past forever.

• Bitterness and anger. Author Anne Lamott wrote, “Not forgiving is like drinking rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die.” Bitterness tears us up inside. But there is a way out. What is humanly impossible becomes easy when Jesus enters the equation. But you gotta know how to make this work.

• Difficult emotions. Fear. Shame. Invalidation. Hopelessness. The list goes on. We’ve all felt yucky emotions like these. And they have enormous power to muddy up our lives, warp our values, drag us down. But there is a way out. I’ll give you specific, step-by-step instructions for how to disable these damaging emotions.

• Difficult people. We wish we could just make them go away. But sometimes we can’t. Here’s what to do instead.


Disclaimer: I am not a licensed psychologist, nor am I a trained counselor. I am instead a spiritual adviser for those who wish to follow Jesus. My expertise comes from my life experience, my training in prayer ministry, and my fifty years of studying the Bible and following Jesus. I am NOT qualified to give psychological help, and Inner Wealth is intended for those who are in reasonably good mental and emotional health. If you are otherwise, for your own safety, I recommend you seek the advice of a trained counselor before you engage.


#2 Inner Wealth teaching

On top of that, you’ll receive weekly teaching on Inner Wealth.

• Getting back the power that belongs to you.
• Triggers: What they are and how you can use them to your advantage
• The performance trap: How to avoid it, and the freedom God has for you instead
• How do you break the sin-confess-sin cycle?
• How do you hear the voice of God?
• How do you overcome lust and porn?
• How do you recover from sexual abuse / assault?
• Lifechange without tryhard: how courage and Inner Wealth replaces try and fail
• Why your spouse drives you crazy and what you can do about it

Here’s a sample:


Samples of Inner Wealth Teaching

NOTE: This is where your subscription package makes a difference. All subscribers have access to current Inner Wealth teachings UNTIL they expire. But SUPER SUBSCRIBERS have ongoing access to these teachings even AFTER they expire.

Can you trust your feelings? Many people believe that feelings are not important to faith. But knowing what to do with your feelings can revolutionize your faith. A critically important teaching very few people understand. Expires: 12/12/18

Freedom is better than trying harder… Most people think the key to spiritual growth is setting goals and trying hard to achieve them. But 99% of the time, this actually short circuits and PREVENTS spiritual growth. There is a little known alternative. Expires: 12/12/18

Can we really live a good life? I used to believe that we were so tainted with sin in the presence of a holy God that we had no hope of living a good life. Let me explain to you why I know believe otherwise. Expires: 12/19/18

Are we constantly sinning? Maybe you’ve heard sermons that could be entitled, “Yet another 15 ways you are sinning and didn’t know it.” I’ve heard many sermons like that, and for many years that’s what I believed. Now I see things from a much different perspective. Expires: 12/19/18

The alternative to self confidence… Are we hot stuff? No, if we’re honest, we need to admit that we are all flawed human beings. Yet, there is reason for confidence, all kinds of confidence. But it’s not what I once expected it to be. Expires: 12/26/18

Get real… Once upon a time I was so good at being a fake, that I fooled everybody—including myself. But my life started to turn around when I learned to get honest with myself and honest with God. Expires: 12/26/18

The vacuum principle… What happens when you take away sin? You get righteousness, right? WRONG! You don’t, and this explains why 99% of our efforts to overcome sin simply DO NOT WORK. Expires: 01/02/19

Overcoming temptation, sin, and addiction… This ought to be Christianity 101 for every believer. Sadly, very few people understand these important principles. Expires: 01/02/19

The myth of busyness… It sounds good to say that we’re busy, really busy. But could we be masking a real problem? Expires: 01/09/19

Triggers: How to use them to your own advantage… All those things in life that are driving you up a wall—if you know how to use them—they’re almost like money in the bank. Expires: 01/16/19

What is inner wealth? A basic explanation. (Does not expire)

How inner wealth changes our view of God… And that makes all the difference… (Does not expire)

How inner wealth makes it easy to apologize… Is it hard for you to admit it when you mess up? It used to be really hard for me. But something happened to change that. As a result, I get along much better with my wife, my kids, my friends. (Does not expire)

How inner wealth makes it easier to forgive others… Forgiving others can seem like an impossible chore, until you know a few secrets that makes it much, much easier. (Does not expire)

Is “inner wealth” found in the Bible? Great question. The answer is YES! It’s found throughout the Bible. I’ll help you get started. NOTE: My Discoveries module—something that updates every single day—is a collection of examples of finding Inner Wealth throughout the Bible. (Does not expire)

Spiritual disciplines and inner wealth… Prayer, Bible study, church attendance, and so on—these things are good, but they don’t, by themselves, accomplish what many claim they accomplish. They don’t make us better Christians. There’s an entirely different process for that. (Does not expire)

Better results with a partner… How to get much better Inner Wealth results by enlisting a partner. (Does not expire)

Try Hard Religion 1-4: What it is… This is pervasive. I believed it for many, many years. Almost everyone I know embraces this, but I believe it is entirely false. Expires: 01/30/19

Try Hard Religion 2-4: Where it comes from… Could it be we are fighting a battle that was already fought? Could it be that we are trying to win a victory that was already won? We gotta break free from a mindset that’s designed to keep us from growing. Expires: 01/30/19

Try Hard Religion 3-4: How it harms… The victims of Try Hard Religion include those who are most successful at it. They’ve robbed themselves of the alternative. Meanwhile, many others settle for second best, or drop out altogether. Expires: 01/30/19

Try Hard Religion 4-4: The Alternative… So … should we instead be lazy? No, not at all. There’s an amazing different path that most people never discover. But once you do, it changes everything. Expires: 01/30/19

The Truth that Sets You Free… Okay, so Jesus says, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” (John 8:32) But many people know the truth, yet are not free. What gives? Why aren’t they free? What are they missing? Once you understand this, it opens up a whole new world for you. Expires: 02/06/19


#3 Daily Discovery

In addition, your daily email will include a link your Daily Discovery, a brief look at life and the Bible from a brand new perspective. Examples:

• Why following rules does not make us good
• This rocked my little world
• We are not God’s laundry
• Learn how to brag
• The trap of fear-driven hate
• The Yes No Secret—It’s what we all have in common AND it’s the reason people do or don’t grow…


#4 Private Facebook group access (NEW)

You get access to my private Facebook group where you can ask questions and connect with other students and subscribers

#5 Bonus content

Want to experience God in a deeper, more meaningful and life-changing way? From time to time, I’ll include bonus content you can’t get anywhere else. Among other things, when I can, I’ll answer your questions in the videos I produce. Example:

Sexual healing and recovery. This e-book includes overcoming porn, lust, sexual addictions, recovering from sexual abuse, rape recovery, abortion recovery, rebuilding your life after an affair, resolving sexual problems in marriage, what about same sex attraction, dealing with sexual guilt, and more. This will be available for subscribers in early 2019.


Are you ready?