Are we constantly sinning?

I want to share some thoughts about sin. I want to address these thoughts to people who consider themselves followers of Jesus Christ. If that’s you, then this is for you.

I am concerned by what I see as some unhealthy perspectives on sin.

I’ll start here. Some seem to take perverse delight in showing us how far short of the mark we fall. I have been in churches where every sermon could be entitled, “Yet Another 15 Ways You Are Sinning And Didn’t Know It.”

I asked the Lord today, “Is it true that we are constantly sinning?”
This is what I heard.
God: That isn’t where My focus is.
Me: If You’re focus isn’t there, then where is it?
God: Sharing life with you.

It got me thinking. Behavior management (and attitude management) is only a small part of healthy parenting. Healthy parents are focused on other things: relationship building, coaching, encouragement, quality time, laughter, identity building. Sure, good parents correct their children. But that’s just a small part of a big picture.

Our heavenly Father doesn’t condemn His children. (Romans 8:1) Condemnation is paralyzing. It leaves us without hope and without recourse. God does sometimes correct His children. (Hebrews 12:5-11) That’s a very different thing. God’s correction is motivational. God gives us specific steps we can take to get ourselves out of trouble.

If I had a child who was constantly focused on all the ways he has failed or disappointed me, I would be concerned. If the only time my child talked to me was to apologize, I would be very concerned. (And, of course, I’d be concerned if my child never apologized.)

Do we mess up? Yeah, sometimes we do. But that isn’t where the spotlight is. We deal with it. We move on. Our focus is sharing our lives with God, enjoying His presence, allowing Him into our lives.

Much, much more could be said here, but I think I’ll wrap up for today.

Enjoy life! Enjoy God! Live well!


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