Forgiving others empowers us


Forgiveness Myth #2: If we forgive a perpetrator, we give that person power
Truth: Forgiveness does not empower the offender.

Most of us instinctively think that we will empower the offender by forgiving. The opposite is true. When we forgive, we empower ourselves, because the offense no longer drains us of the energy required to keep our anger alive. In fact, if the enemy can inspire us to hate our neighbor, then he has won. This is why we turn all the debts owed to us over to Jesus. Then we can bless and not curse. (Romans 12:14)

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These thoughts are adapted from the course Spiritual Self Defense. More info here:

Bible trivia:
Answer from last time: Luke is the longest book in the New Testament. (Although Matthew and Acts each have more chapters, Luke has more words.)
New question: What do Joshua, Elijah and Elisha have in common?

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