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Left Behind author Jerry Jenkins, best-selling author Jay Payleitner and other experts join Dwight Clough to show you how to turn your dream of making a difference into reality
Pray a prayer. Check a box. And the Pearly Gates will open, right? Or will they? It’s time to lift the veil and untangle the mystery of what it really takes to board the train to heaven.
What it means to follow Jesus
Heartwarming and mind-bending. Rethink life’s most important journey.
There’s an easy way to read the Bible, and there’s a hard way. Most people don’t know the difference and choose the hard way.
The Man from Sun Prairie
Save the king. Rescue the princess. Find true love. What could go wrong?
Rethinking Our War On Poverty: A view from below the line. Welcome to a whole different way of thinking…
Spiritual Self Defense
Textbook, DVD, course. This tells you how to find peace in a broken world.
How to write and publish your first book
Take the mystery out of authoring and self publishing your first book
The Gift of Transformation
Looking for hope? My most popular book. Brief but powerful.
What I believe about you
Why you can celebrate being you. What Jesus did for you. More
The Easy Bible volume one
31 daily readings to (re)discover the wonder of the Bible.
The Easy Bible volume two
Continue the discovery through the rest of the story of Jesus.
The Easy Bible volume three
Why do good people suffer? Does God care about my dreams?
your free gift
Your free gift can be found here! Enjoy!
The Easy Bible volume four
Law and grace—an understandable guide through tough passages.
Dove for president
An outside the box look at American politics from an outside the box candidate.
Amazing Faith
Need a faith boost? Read these 15 amazing stories!
Rediscover God
Break open the Bible. Fresh, readable, inspiring. Great for groups.
Weathering Storms
“Your book is therapy for me. You have struck gold.” My first book
The tyrannosaurus who wanted to be a vegetarian
What happens when you risk everything for love?
Understanding Your Christian Faith
New to Christianity? Rethinking your faith? Understanding Your Christian Faith will show you how to experience God in a deep and meaningful way.
A beautiful Christmas
The most beautiful book I’ve ever published. Don’t forget to watch the video here.


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