How to write and publish your first book

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6″ x 9″ — 110 pages, paperback 10.00, Kindle $0.99
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Take the mystery out of authoring and self publishing your first book



Writing and self-publishing your book is a big job, but it is a job that people accomplish all the time, and you can do it too. This book takes the mystery out of that process for you. An award-winning and experienced writer, published author, ghostwriter and self-publishing consultant takes you through the process of writing and self publishing your first book. Along the way, learn insider secrets like these:

* 7 questions you must answer before your write your book
* Avoid these common mistakes made by first-time authors
* What options are available to first-time authors?
* Is your writing good enough to be published?

* How to get it done: Advice for tackling your first book
* Secrets of a professional writer
* Special advice for fiction vs. nonfiction authors

* How I wrote AND published a book in less than 24 hours
* How to sell your book without ever shipping a single order
* How to use Amazon’s publish-on-demand service to make an unlimited number of books available at no cost to you
* How to publish your book in e-book format

* 25 free or cheap strategies for marketing your book
* How to make money with your book even if you never sell a single copy
And much more including a four-page book planning resource