What It Means to Follow Jesus

6″ x 9″ — 90 pages, paperback $10.00, Kindle $3.99 (Kindle Matchbook free—order paperback and get Kindle free on Amazon)
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If you’re exploring the Christian faith, this book will help you decide if following Jesus is for you.

If you’re new to the Christian faith, this book will help you unpack what you received when you invited Jesus into your life.

If you’re an experienced Christian, this book takes a long hard look at difficult questions, difficult passages, and finds the good news that stands behind it all.

For many years I’ve been troubled by questions like these:

  • Why do people “pray the prayer,” but their lives don’t change?
  • Are we all dirty rotten sinners?
  • If God’s “plan of salvation” is so simple, why does Jesus use a different approach every time He talks to someone?
  • What’s keeping us out of heaven? Is it guilt? Or is it something else?
  • Is “try harder” the only prescription we have for the struggling?
  • If we’re hurting, does Jesus care? If He does, how does that help?
  • Why doesn’t the Bible line up with my theology?
  • What is the “good news” in the gospel?

For decades I wrestled with questions like these. Finally, after many years, I feel like I have answers—answers that satisfy me, and answers that seem to bring a great deal of comfort, clarity, and encouragement to others. That’s why I think the most important book I’ve ever written is What It Means to Follow Jesus.

Here’s one reader’s response:

“I read your book and LOVED it. I loved that the writing style was relaxed and conversational. It didn’t feel like I was being talked down to, rather I felt invited into a conversation. It tackled deep, fundamental issues and questions in an easy-to-understand way without making light of their importance. I think it would be a great tool for churches to use to give to visitors… I think the book nicely explains a relationship with God to the new believer and to the one who is beginning to ask questions about faith in God. For the long-time believer it offers encouragement to get rid of false ideas and traditions that may have crept in over time, and get back to the basic truths of who God is and why a relationship with him is vital.” ~ Holly, Missionary to Mexico

“You write so engagingly! I LOVE reading your work. It pulls me right in. Every time! My “take” on this book is that it is perfect for anyone actively wanting to know God (particularly kids in Confirmation classes or others just starting the Way). …a very encouraging book for anyone interested in getting to know God.” ~ Whitney, South Carolina

I’d like to thank Hans Clough for the great cover design.