The Tyrannosaurus Who Wanted to Be a Vegetarian


5″ x 8″ — 90 pages, paperback $10.00, sorry no Kindle version available
Preview (pdf)

Sometimes it costs something to love. Loving is risky business. It might come back to bite you. But, then again, loving might unlock possibilities you never before imagined. Meet Malcolm, the tyrannosaurus who wanted to be a vegetarian, and Tom, the boy hunter, who believed it just might be possible. A parable about love and life-controlling issues aimed at Middle School readers.



“(The Tyrannosaurus Who Wanted to Be a Vegetarian is) funny, thoughtful, and really unique, and I think it could have a place in our middle schools in Sun Prairie. Most particularly, I think it would appeal to our gifted population (now called Advanced Learners), as it has an intellectual appeal. I believe gifted 6th and 7th graders specifically would enjoy. … I can still see its potential appeal to 5th graders and upper middle school students, too.” Creed Hansen, English Teacher, Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

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