Your most important spiritual gift

What is your most important spiritual gift? I think the answer will surprise you.

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What’s your most important spiritual gift? Would it be a practical gift like giving, helps, or hospitality? Would it be a ministry gift like pastoring, teaching, administration? Or would it be one of the flashier gifts like healing, tongues, miracles?

I would like to suggest to you that while those gifts are important, you have been given a much more important gift: the gift of your influence.

What do I mean by that?

Have you seen It’s a Wonderful Life? In this classic Christmas movie, George Bailey has an incredible experience. He gets to see what his world would look like if he had never been born. What he sees is astounding. Without realizing it, he had prevented great evil and brought great good into the lives of many, many people.

What George Bailey was seeing—in a roundabout way—was the gift of his influence. When the movie was over, he understood for the first time, the huge hole that would be left if his influence was removed.

Likewise, you have the power to change lives, and to change your world for the better. You have the power to bring eternal good into many lives. All of this is due to the gift of your influence.

I’d like to unpack this gift for you, and help you see how amazing it is and how you can use it to bring much good into your world. As we do this, we’ll be looking at:

• 5 Amazing Possibilities—This is why the gift of your influence is so very important, and so very needed.

• Your 6 Unique Qualifications—This is why you are irreplaceable. No one else in the world or in the history of humanity is positioned to make the difference you are designed to make.

• Your 7 Transforming Identities—This is how God designed you to be the change agent your world needs.

• Your 4 Power Tools—These are the tools you need to get your gift of influence to work properly. You don’t want to neglect these. You can do everything else perfectly, but if you don’t get these right, it all falls apart.

• Your 5 Superpowers—Yes, you really do have superpowers, and I’ll tell you what they are and how to use them.

• 6 Easy-to-learn Kingdom Skills—Here’s how to take your gift of influence to the next level.

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