Christian dress up

For many years I played Christian dress up
pretend religion
good sounding words
that had nothing to do with how I experienced life.

Sure, I was heaven bound.
I was in.
I was part of the family.
But something was missing, and

I guess I just thought
that was normal.

When I found it,
when I learned how to experience God
in a way that made me
forever transformed—

I was like:
Everybody needs this!

I went around trying to get everybody
signed up.

You can probably guess how that went.

Since then,
I’ve been writing book after book
trying to inspire
people into a whole new dimension
of faith.

You can find my books at

I figure some people will never buy and read my books,
so I post more good stuff for free

And I also post videos every week for my Inner Wealth subscribers.
You can learn about that here:

On top of that,
I created two online courses
which you can also find at my website.

I mention these things
because I don’t often talk about what I have available for you
if you want it.

Anyway, it’s all here if you want it.


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