What are you doing with your circles of influence?

What are you doing with your circles of influence? No one else has the influence you have!

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The Gift of Your Influence
Your 6 Unique Qualifications
Qualification #1: Your circles of influence

Your 6 Unique Qualifications make you the best person to change your world. This is why you are irreplaceable. No one else in the world or in the history of humanity is positioned to make the difference you are designed to make.

Your unique qualification #1: Your circles of influence

Anything you do—positive or negative—has a huge impact on the people closest to you—your family, close friends, coworkers. This is wonderful news because any improvement you make to your life will be felt by those closest to you.

You have established credibility with the people closest to you. But, even if you’ve blown your credibility in those close relationships, the steps you take to repair the damage will eventually turn that influence around for the good. If your life changes—genuinely changes—the people closest to you are going to notice first.

If you have no close relationships, then job #1 for you is building those relationships. Learn everything you can about building friendships, join a church small group, invest in the lives of other people.

If the people closest to you are toxic, then prudence, of course, dictates that you distance yourself from them. You don’t walk back into an abusive relationship. Get help. Get healing. Learn whatever life lessons need to be learned. Then move on, and develop new healthy relationships.

No one else is positioned exactly where you are with your circles of influence. I can’t take your place; nobody can.


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