Find the door


“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with Me.”—Revelation 3:20


If you want God to transform your life, find the door where Jesus is knocking.

Nothing of any importance happens until Jesus shows up. We can do religious things but they won’t help anybody—they will just clutter up the space God needs to work in.

What are we trying to do or to be? Are we trying to win someone to the Lord? Invite Jesus in. Are we trying to deal with illness or loss? Invite Jesus in. Not sure what to do? Invite Jesus in.

Now here’s the trick. We need to find the door where Jesus is knocking.

The rich young ruler had trouble with this. He thought Jesus was knocking on the door of his achievements. He thought Jesus wanted to come in and affirm what a wonderful guy he was for doing so many things right. Or perhaps Jesus would give him one more goal he could discipline himself to achieve.

But Jesus was knocking at a different door. He was knocking on the door of his security. “You’ve put your faith in all you’ve achieved and all you possess,” Jesus told him, “but these things will not save you. You need to let them go so you can put your faith in the only One who can save you.”

In the same way, don’t be surprised if Jesus finds a door that turns your world upside down. He is in the business of transforming us. But, behind that door that we may be afraid to open, we find life beyond all that we could ask or imagine.


PS. “I’m not gullible, so I’m not deceived, right?” That’s what I thought for many years. Then I discovered how totally wrong I was. Smart, streetwise, good people are routinely deceived—I’m including myself, and I’m including you. On 7/20/2019, I’ll explain to our Inner Wealth subscribers why deception is so dangerous and how all of us have been deceived. I’ll explain how it’s possible to believe a lie even when you know it’s not true. And I’ll show steps you can take to get free from deception.

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