A visit from Jesus


If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in… Revelation 3:20


When we have visitors at our home, my wife and I want to have it all cleaned up and nice before our guests arrive. But that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes we don’t get all the cleaning done we want to. Our guests must see our home as it really is.

Deep inside we want to clean up for Jesus. But somehow that never works. We want Jesus in the nice clean living room, but He walks right in and asks to open the closet, or make a trip down into the basement.

It’s the way things are, folks.

Why is Jesus so willing to humble us? Because He knows that the Real Thing is so much better than the fantasy.

In humility and desperate neediness we turn to God. But when Jesus walks into a room, everything changes. Darkness gives way to light. Chaos turns to order. Grief turns to joy. And all is at peace.

Life-changing encounters with Jesus. We don’t outgrow them. We need them even if we’ve been a saint for fifty years. And Jesus is at work to enter our world and turn it upside down.


PS. What is spiritual maturity? I pondered over this for a long time, and then I asked the Lord. The answer I got was surprisingly simple, yet it changes everything. That’s our Inner Wealth topic on 7/27/2019.

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