You never know

About a week ago I was driving in heavy traffic along University Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin when something caught my eye. A young man walking on the sidewalk appeared to stumble. He righted himself, took another step, and then faltered again. Traffic was pushing me forward, but as I drove by, I saw him sink to the ground.

I pulled into the next parking lot, ran back, found him sitting cross legged at the edge of a parking lot near a stone wall.

“Are you okay?”

His words came back in little chunks separated by long pauses. “I’m having trouble … breathing … I need … to call … my mom.”

I pulled out my phone. “I’m calling 911.”

The paramedics arrived; I was no longer needed, so I went on my way. But as I left, I got thinking to myself: If I hadn’t pulled over, would anybody have pulled over? A young man was sitting on the ground looking at his phone. Nothing unusual about that. He would have become part of the landscape.

I may have saved his life.

I don’t know of course. But maybe I did.

You never know when God is going to position you to save someone’s life. Not just medically, but in other ways.

I graduated from high school in 1975. Late that summer, just before I left for college, my youth pastor took me aside and said to me, “God is going to use you for something great someday.”

Wow. It only took a few seconds for him to say that, but those words came back to me many, many times throughout my life. I was homeless with a wife and a little baby. I was hungry. My business failed. I was forced into bankruptcy. So many times I felt like giving up, but I couldn’t give up.


Because God was going to use me for something great someday. I knew I had to keep going. Those words compelled me to persevere.

Likewise, you never know what lasting power your simple act of kindness may have in someone else’s life.


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