Are you part of a small group?

If you’re part of a small group, here’s a one-time discussion resource.

Many people are concerned about the toxic polarization in our culture—a divide that has crept into the church as well. In my opinion, the only way to fix it is to start talking about it, so I’ve created a guided discussion to help your group begin that discussion.

It’s based on this five-minute YouTube video which comes from my latest book, End the Divide.

Here are the questions (below), or here’s a PDF you can download and/or print

Here are those questions:

1. Some people say we are more divided than ever. What are your thoughts?
2. To what extent do you think the divide is an issue for people of faith? To what extent is it an issue for our culture in general?
3. Why is there no divide in heaven? What do the people in heaven have that we don’t seem to have?
4. Have you ever lost a friend or damaged a friendship because of the divide? What was your takeaway from that experience?
5. How do you navigate the tension between taking a stand on the issues and making the divide worse?
6. Any other takeaways from this chapter?

I am praying that God will use this conversation for good in your group. If you’re able to use it, please ping me back and let me know how it goes.


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