Who are you?

I am an ambassador of heaven.

I was sent here to earth to bring eternal good into many lives. Every step I take carries the presence of Jesus with me to the place of need. There we heal what is injured, fix what is broken, and show our world a higher path.

When I speak, I speak words of healing, of help, of hope. My name means “light in the valley,” and I have been sent here to earth to bring light to dark places.

Am I perfect at all of this?

No. Of course not. But the work of God in me is so much stronger than all my limitations, and the work of God will ultimately triumph.

This is who I am. This is my identity. This is my mission. This is my why.

How about you? When you ask God who you are, what does He tell you?



PS. Book deal and a favor: How would you like a free copy of any two of my books? Be happy to send them to you; I just need you and a few friends to leave an honest and hopefully positive review on Amazon for End the Divide. Someone left a mixed/negative review, and it looks like she only read part of the book and didn’t really understand it. So I don’t want her comments to keep people from reading a book that could be life changing for them.

Pastor Warren Heckman emailed me regarding this book and said, “I just finished reading your book [End the Divide]. It is provocative, insightful, biblical and challenging. I wish the whole world could read it, especially leaders & politicians.”

Ping me back if you’re planning to leave a review, and I’ll watch for your review, and be happy to send you the books you want.
Wondering what to say? Obviously, be honest, but this recent review might give you some ideas. Or here’s another one.

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