Where should our decisions come from?

Sometime back a prominent Christian leader said (and I’m paraphrasing), “We must learn to act from what we know instead of what we feel. When Christians act from what they feel, they get into trouble.”

What do you think?

On the surface, it sounds like good advice. If my feelings are telling me to rob a bank, then I’d better go with what I know: Don’t rob the bank.

But are these really our only choices? As followers of Jesus Christ, don’t we have a third alternative? Can’t we take our tangled up feelings to Jesus, get at why we feel the way we do, and receive from Jesus the transformation that lines our emotions up with His truth?

Anyway, that’s the point of this three minute video I just posted. Enjoy!


PS. For you Inner Wealth subscribers, a lot of people talk about our identity in Christ. Discovering who you really are can completely change your life for the better. But, to be honest, for most people it doesn’t. I’ll explain why it doesn’t, and the adjustment that needs to be made so you can experience that total transformation.

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