We are not God’s laundry


I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. Revelation 20:4


For many years, I figured God’s only interest in me was convicting me of all my sins and generally making me feel miserable because I was such a rotten guy. I would never have expressed it that way, but deep down, that’s how I usually felt.

But read the Bible! We are not God’s laundry. God has bigger plans for us than just washing us, so He can set us on the shelf and look at us. God is looking for ways to pull us into big roles. He is looking for people through whom He can unleash big dreams. When God fills our lives, He doesn’t get smaller. Our lives get bigger.


PS. Dealing with difficult people. That will be our Inner Wealth topic on Saturday, 8/31/2019.

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