We are all in recovery

We are all in recovery…

This is something we all have in common. We each have our drug of choice—and we each have a reason to escape, something to hide from, our own reasons to pretend we’re okay, inner pain to medicate. Part of our coping strategy might be to pretend that we’re okay while others are not, that they’re needy and we are not.

But nobody travels through this broken world unscathed. We all have hurts, and we all do the perfectly natural thing that everybody does when we hurt: we medicate.

This is a central reality of human existence. And this is why the gospel is good news. Jesus offers far more than forgiveness of sins. He heals our hurts. He loosens the grip of our drug of choice because when He is here doing what He wants to do in our lives, we just don’t need that D.O.C. any more.

This transformation, this inner wealth, is available to anyone. It’s just a matter of learning how it works…

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