Understanding Your Christian Faith

Understanding Your Christian Faith
New to Christianity? Rethinking your faith? Understanding Your Christian Faith will show you how to experience God in a deep and meaningful way.

Hi all

I just wanted to share this quick announcement about the release of this new e-book.

If you’ve ever asked questions like these…

  • Why do people “pray the prayer,” but their lives don’t change?
  • Are we all dirty rotten sinners?
  • If God’s “plan of salvation” is so simple, why does Jesus use a different approach every time He talks to someone?
  • What’s keeping us out of heaven? Is it guilt? Or is it something else?
  • Is “try harder” the only prescription we have for the struggling?
  • If we’re hurting, does Jesus care? If He does, how does that help?
  • If we’re saved by grace, why did Jesus tell the rich young ruler to sell everything he owned?
  • Why doesn’t the Bible line up with my theology?
  • Sure, Jesus saves us from our sins. But what about the sins that have been committed against us?
  • What is the “good news” in the gospel?

I think you’ll love this book. Actually, it’s two books plus more. Check it out here


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