Understand the Bible

I have two options for you, Bible 101 and Bible 201, depending on where you’re at.


Bible 201

If you’re ready to tackle reading the entire Bible, then you want Bible Made Easy. There’s an easy and a hard way to read the Bible. Most people don’t know the difference and choose the hard way. I’ll show you a completely different approach that will get you through the entire Bible in a little less than a year.


Bible 101

If you’re new to the Bible, and not quite ready to tackle reading the entire Bible, I’ll get you started with some fantastic resources.

Rediscover God is a collection of 62 daily readings that will get you acquainted with some of the most important Bible passages including the story of Jesus. Each reading takes a passage from the Bible, renders it in everyday language, adds helpful notes, explains how the lessons from the passage work in real life, and adds some questions for discussion or for your journal. (This was previously published in The Easy Bible® Volumes One and Two.) If you like this format, I continue it in The Easy Bible® Volumes Three and Four. (See below.)

Only one problem: These books contain links and addresses that are now out of date. If there’s enough interest, I’ll make this into an online resource so I can keep everything current. But you’ll need to let me know that you’re interested. You can contact me here.

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