The dog in the park

Those of you who know me know I have no great affinity for dogs.

Sorry. To you dog lovers out there, sorry.

Video here, and/or read on.

I just don’t. Bad childhood experiences, maybe, or whatever, but I grew up terrified of dogs. Even a little yappy canine could paralyze me in fear.

Of course, God has been at work on this. One cold winter day I was walking through a park when I saw off in the distance a rottweiler and owner walking toward me. The dog was unleashed. He came bounding toward me. When he got up to me, he placed my gloved hand into his mouth.

Hmm. I hollered to the owner: “Would you mind taking your dog’s teeth off my hand?”

She ran up. “I’m so sorry,” she said. “He has this thing about gloves.”

She removed the dog, and they went on their way.

Then I took stock. I wasn’t shaking. I wasn’t breathing hard. My heart wasn’t pounding. I was just a little annoyed.

Wow! What a change! I can only credit that to God.

I’m still a work in progress in this department, but, hey, God is at work in me. And I believe He is at work in you as well—whatever your particular challenges might be.


PS. How do you overcome temptation? Why are we tested, and what strategy can we use to overcome those tests? Why do we sin? Are we doomed to sin because we’re sinners and we have a sin nature? How do we find God’s grace to overcome sin? That’s our Inner Wealth topic starting 5/11/2019.

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