Sump pump story

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One day, back at our previous home, our sump pump went out.

I’m no handyman—not by a long shot. But I made an honest attempt to troubleshoot the problem. When I realized I couldn’t fix it myself, I asked God if He would fix it. But I felt like He was saying, “No, I want you to go out and buy a new sump pump.”

Hmm. At that time I was scrambling to pay my bills—just barely hanging on, and any added expense was not welcome—not welcome at all.

“All right,” I prayed, “but could You get me a sump pump under $100?”

I drove down to the big box hardware store to find a new pump. They were mostly all around $149, but tucked away on the shelf I found one for $99.99.

I got up to the counter and it rang up as $119.99. Yes, $119.99 was the correct price, but they mislabeled it on the shelf so they graciously gave it to me at $99.99.

I bought it, came home, installed it, walked upstairs and checked the mail.

There I found a check—out of the blue—not expecting it at all—for $111.

Isn’t God good?


PS. Tomorrow morning I’ll be starting a new video series for you if you’re an Inner Wealth subscriber. God has provided for each of us an amazing identity. Once we truly understand who we really are, everything changes. But here’s the problem: We can understand it in our heads, but not get it deep down, in our hearts, where it counts. How do we fix that? That’s the topic I’ll be tackling tomorrow.

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