In the 2002 movie version of The Count of Monte Cristo, the count makes a spectacular appearance to the elite social circle of his day. He arrives in a hot air balloon, complete with fireworks, dancers, dozens of servants—all the fanfare you could imagine.

By contrast, the first appearance of Jesus seems like an entry of stealth. Tucked away in a Judean village, in a cave or a stable, a traveling Jewish woman stops to give birth to a baby. It seems out of place.

But Jesus’ birth became a metaphor for His whole life. Years later, Pilate couldn’t understand why Jesus didn’t vigorously defend Himself. It didn’t occur to Jesus to bother. He knew that He had no lasting place in this world, until He returns to take possession of everything that is rightfully His.

Today Jesus is being born into the lives of people all over the world. Again, His entry is mostly unpublished, unrecognized, quiet. Quiet. Sort of like the Joshua’s first six trips around Jericho.

This is an excerpt from my latest book, A Beautiful Christmas. There’s a video that goes with the book that I think you’ll love. (Scroll down when you get to the page.)

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