Need a faith lift? I think you’ll enjoy this book

“Need a faith lift? If you’re inspired by true stories of God showing up in the lives of real men and women, you won’t want to miss His Faithfulness Reaches to the Skies by Forrest Zander. Engine failure at 7,000 feet over South American jungle with no place to land? Cancer? Friends mistaken for drug smugglers and jailed in a foreign country? In these situations and many more, God demonstrates His love for His children. A great read for yourself-a perfect gift for a friend.”
Bernie May, Former President of JAARS, Former President of Wycliffe, Founder of The Seed Company

As you may know, I write books for clients, and this is my favorite kind of book to write: an inspiring life story. Forrest Zander is a warm, personable man with decades of experience following God through all kinds of danger. Some of his stories made me laugh. Some made me cry. But they all left me in awe of our amazing God. Find out more here …

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