Looking forward to

There’s a lot I look forward to in heaven. I want to get the heavenly equivalent of a pilot’s license. I want to make some movies, write some novels, climb some mountains, and walk across a continent. I want to build a new relationship with my dad, and taste my grandma’s lefse once again.

We have children in heaven—children I never got to know here on earth—and so I’m excited to meet them and hear all about their adventures. I imagine this bench high on a cliff overlooking the water where we’ll sit, and hang out, and hear those amazing stories. I don’t know, of course, if that’s where we’ll talk, but that’s what I imagine.

I want to get to know some angels and find out what it’s like to be them. I want to make friends with Boaz, the great–grandfather of King David. And there’s some mischief I want to do, if I can get away with it—like leave graffiti at the moon landing site. Most of all, I want take a long walk with Jesus, just hang out with Him, and listen to whatever He wants to say to me.

I love my life here on earth. And I am looking forward to the life to come.

How about you? What are you hoping for? What are you looking forward to? Father God is right next to you. You can tell Him if you want to.


(Another excerpt from Am I going to heaven when I die?)

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