Little steps


[Jesus] asked them, “What are you discussing together as you walk along?” Luke 24:17


This is an enormously important part of the Lord’s ministry to us. He is drawing us out. He wants us to talk to Him so that we can get our real beliefs out of the table for Him to deal with.

Jesus could have appeared before them in dazzling splendor. He could have materialized in their path and said, “Hey, it’s Me.” But He didn’t. He didn’t even make Himself readily recognizable.

When God goes about changing our deeply held beliefs, He does so with care, with thoughtfulness, with purpose. In this conversation on the road to Emmaus, Jesus builds a bridge from what they already know and trust to what they have not yet quite grasped.

The Lord is gentle with us. He knows how difficult it is sometimes for us to break out of our comfort zone and grow, so He takes on a journey of little steps until at last our eyes are opened and we realize that He was here all along.


PS. Somewhere between 25% and 50% of all adults are survivors of sexual abuse. In many ways it is the elephant in the room. On 7/6/2019 in Inner Wealth we look at 5 things every survivor of sexual abuse should know. In addition, I also address marriage and Inner Wealth, as well as other avenues of healing.

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