Honoring marriage

As we work our way through the Ten Commandments, we come to this command: “Do not commit adultery.” Why is this important to God?

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Every marriage goes through seasons; mine certainly has. Sure, there were moments when I was passionately, deliriously in love with my wife, but there were also moments when I wondered what drug induced me to say, “I do.”

Yet about marriage, God says, “Take good care of this. Don’t break it.”

Why does He care?

I’ve found that if you look carefully at the commands of God you usually find that God is watching out for the most vulnerable person in the room. In this case, His eye is on His precious children. He wants them to grow up in a stable, loving home. He’s also looking out for the marriage partners, of course. Who wants their heart torn to pieces by a spouse who isn’t faithful?

But I think there’s another piece to the puzzle here. People who have affairs are looking for something. The only problem is: You can’t find it in the other man/woman. It isn’t there. The foundational comfort, affirmation, and enjoyment of life that we’re looking for doesn’t come from other people; it comes from God. When people try to find it in a marriage partner, they will be disappointed. It’s easy to think that we just picked the wrong person, that we need to look for someone else. But that’s an endless search that will only end when we look heavenward and find our rest in Him.


PS. We make resolutions or set goals, yet sometimes something seems to be holding us back. Why can’t we lose weight, write that book, finish that project? What’s holding us back? Many times it’s hidden, inner barriers that God wants to remove from our lives. This week in Inner Wealth we’ll explore how that process works.

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