Has this made a difference for you?


I’m wondering if you would read over the items below, and ask yourself this question: Have I tried any of this and has it made a difference?

If the answer is yes, then I’d love to hear from you. Would you mind hitting reply and telling me your story? It would mean a lot to me. Thanks!


PS. Here are the items:

Step #1: I will take my hurts to God because I cannot bring healing to my world if I don’t let God bring healing to me.

Step #2: When others hurt me, I will go to God for the strength to forgive because I will not allow myself to be blinded by unresolved anger.

Step #3: When I have hurt others, I will do what I can to make amends because I cannot heal my world without taking responsibility for the damage I’ve done.

Step #4: I will work to create an “I belong, you belong” world where each person has a place at the table and a voice in the conversation. I will give others the freedom to be who they are, and I will seek to understand and respect their perspectives. This does not mean I will allow myself to be bullied or abused by others.

Step #5: I will seek to help each person in my world become the best version of themselves.

Step #6: I will make it my aim to look for hidden solutions that allow everyone to win.

Step #7: I will use my influence to inspire others to embrace these steps and bring healing into our world.

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