Gut level truth

In fear and amazement they asked one another, “Who is this?” Luke 8:25

As I share in this video, this is a major paradigm shift: You need truth in your gut as well as your head.

For many years I had a cerebral faith. I knew about God. I knew the Bible. In fact, I could probably run circles around most people when it came to knowing the Bible. But all that knowledge wasn’t helping me in some critical ways.

I knew I shouldn’t be bitter. I tried very hard not to be bitter. But, deep inside, I was still bitter. I knew I shouldn’t lust. I tried not to lust. But, in my heart, lust was a continual trap. I knew I shouldn’t fear or worry. But inside, I couldn’t stop shaking, even though I hid it from everyone else.

I know I keep coming back to this story, but it’s a good one, so I’ll do it again. The disciples were learning quite a bit about this Messiah, this Jesus. They had theology. They had scripture. They had knowledge. Then the Lord took them across the Sea of Galilee.

In the storm, when they believed they were about to drown, then the poverty of their “gut-level” knowledge was exposed. They didn’t know who Jesus really was, until He taught them—not in a class, but with a gut-level experience.

Don’t be surprised if God takes you on a roller coaster ride through some gut wrenching experiences. He has a plan. He has a purpose. He’s getting truth in all the right places.


PS. How do we break free of the “try harder” treadmill into the freedom that Jesus promised when He said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free?” What does that look like in the real world, and how do we get it? That’s our topic this week in Inner Wealth.

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