God’s mind


… do according to what is in My heart and mind. 1 Samuel 2:35


A while ago I read a book called Our Elegant Universe. Most of the book was over my head. The author, a scientist, was trying to explain to nonscientists what scientists think they are discovering about the smallest particles in the universe, about how time works, about hidden dimensions. I have no reason to believe the author was a Christian. Regardless, I wrote him a letter and said, “As a person of faith, I appreciated your book because I always like to know what my Father in heaven is up to.”

Our universe is so complex that the collective efforts of 7 billion people are not enough to figure it out. I don’t know how much angels know, but the only one who knows it all is God. God is so smart that He uses wobbly, fragile, ignorant human beings to accomplish His magnificent eternal purposes. God is so smart, that it requires all eternity for Him to unfold to you the customized plan He has for your eternal life.

The same good God who feels so deeply, has thought through everything and has it all figured out.


PS. What drives addiction? How can we overcome life-controlling issues? On 9/14/2019, our Inner Wealth topic will be overcoming addiction.

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