Getting honest

We’re working our way through the topic: How do you restore someone who has stumbled?

Last time we raised the question: How do we tap into the rich inner wealth that is ours because of Jesus?

I’m going to suggest that we do the counter-intuitive thing: We look for what’s in the way. We look inside for things like fear, abandonment, shame, confusion, hopelessness, invalidation, powerlessness and feeling like garbage. As a rule, these feelings that indicate the presence of deep beliefs that rob us of the rich inner wealth that is meant to be ours. Unresolved anger, guilt, grief, hurt, and loss can also stand in the way.

What do we do with these things? We get honest about them. We get honest with ourselves and honest with God. We take these things to Jesus. We bring Jesus into our hurts. Jesus is and always has been the Prince of Peace. He knows how to make us okay. He knows how to fix what’s broken.

By the way, I haven’t forgotten about the post about the woman caught in adultery. I intend to get back to the John 8 passage. We’ll draw a string around all of this.

More next time…

This entire series is available as a pdf document here…

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  1. Accept the atonement for all its worth.

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