Delivered from the storm

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A friend of ours was quite frightened by storms. Whenever it would storm, she would gather her children together and huddle in the basement. One day she was processing some of her fears with the Lord, and ended up in a memory where she was at a rest area (my wife says it was a campsite) with her large family of origin when a strong storm came in quite suddenly. It was her job to bring her little brother to the station wagon. As she took his hand, the wind started blowing so violently that it lifted her brother right off his feet. If she had not been holding on to him, he literally would have blown away.

Jesus brought peace, calm, and truth to her in this memory. The next time it stormed, no fear! In fact, she sat out in the yard in a chair enjoying the beauty and the majesty of the storm!

I like this story because it reminds us that who we are today is deeply linked to our past experiences. The present is rooted in the past. If we’re to move forward with God, we can’t ignore the past. Instead, we need to make peace with our past by taking Jesus to those painful places. I discuss this with our Inner Wealth subscribers starting 4/6/2019. Check out the Inner Wealth subscription here if you would like to learn more. 🙂

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