Your life—a jigsaw puzzle


Let me ask you a question: Which is easier to put together? A 100-piece jigsaw puzzle or a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle? And which, when finished, would give you a greater sense of satisfaction?

You and I are like a jigsaw puzzle in this sense: All of us are broken into pieces that need to be put back together. That’s a reality of living in a fallen world. My friend Steve Freitag puts it this way: “Some of us are cracked. Some of us are broken. Some of us are shattered. And some of us are pulverized.”

Here’s the gospel good news: Jesus puts back together the shattered pieces of our lives.

Yes, some of us are more like that 10,000 piece puzzle. We’ve endured a lot of hurt; it will take time and care to put those pieces back together.

And that’s okay. Wherever you are on that continuum, just don’t pretend you’re put together when you’re really leaving the pieces in the box. Hand those pieces—one-by-one—to Jesus, and watch what He does with your life.

Bible trivia:
Answer from last time: Ruth was David’s was his great-grandmother.
New question: What did Eli mistakenly believe about Hannah when he first saw her?

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