Why politics is not religion

Some make politics their religion. In other words, they define good and evil by their political position. All who agree are good. All who disagree are evil.

This is very dangerous.

I let my religion inform my political views and not vice versa. If the Bible disagrees with my political position, then my political position must change, not my interpretation of the Bible. This is my way of living in submission to God and acknowledging that He alone has the right to define good and evil.

Murder, robbery, rape, and assault are always evil. They are crimes, and they should be punished, no matter who commits these crimes—whether the perpetrator be Democrat, Republican, or of some other political persuasion.

Adultery, greed, betrayal, and manipulation are always evil. They may not always be crimes, but they are still wrong, no matter who commits these sins.

Respect, trustworthiness, patience, kindness—these virtues are good and admirable, no matter who practices them.

If we make our politics our religion, and if we define good and evil by our political views, then dissent becomes a crime. History teaches us: Millions have suffered greatly when dissent becomes a crime. When dissent becomes a crime, no one is safe. You might be part of the ruling class today, and tomorrow you could just as easily be on the list for liquidation. “Liquidation” a nice word for arrest, imprisonment, torture, and death.

We all feel strongly about our political opinions. But, as a people, let’s be very careful about where we go with political power. It can and sometimes does bite the hand that feeds it.


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