Who to blame

In the New Testament Gospel of John, chapter 9, we find something very relevant to our culture today. Jesus is walking along with His entourage, and they come across a man who has been blind since day one, never able to see. Jesus’ followers immediately ask:

“Whose fault is this? Did the Democrats do this? Or the Republicans? Is this his own fault? Or did this happen because of some evil corporation? Is this a result of moral decline or climate change? Is this the result of racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia? Or is this the result of laziness or media bias? Did this happen because of his socio-economic status or because he had no access to adequate health care?”

“Please, Jesus, tell us who to blame. We must know in order to feel okay about ourselves.”

What did Jesus reply?

He said, “Whoa! Wait! Stop! You’re asking the wrong question. The question is NOT, ‘Who do we blame?’ The question is, ‘What opportunity does this present? How can we take this bad thing and turn it into something good?’”



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