What does it mean to have God as our father? Part 4

Much more could be said about God being our Father. But here are a few thoughts to wrap up this series:

  • He likes you.
  • He likes hanging out with you.
  • He likes listening to you. You can talk to Him about anything.
  • He protects you from bullies.
  • He will teach you how to defend yourself—if you’ll let Him.
  • He’s smarter than you are; even when you think He isn’t.
  • He sees your potential; He’s excited about your future.
  • He isn’t about to settle for second best. And He doesn’t want you to settle for second best.
  • He wants you a whole lot more than He wants anything from you; and He wants that to work the other way around also.
  • He cares a great deal about how your brothers and sisters treat you, and how you treat your brothers and sisters.
  • He understands you.
  • He sends you out to represent the family.

Hope these thoughts are helpful.

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