Want to be transformed? Let God speak to you

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If your feelings could talk, what would they say?

God often brings us to the place of looking inside, because it is in the “inner parts” of our souls (see Psalm 51:6) that God wants to do His work.

You may know the story: Jesus had a follower named Peter. Peter promised Jesus that he would stand up for him no matter what. “I will follow You to prison and to death,” Peter said. Yet after Jesus was arrested, Peter denied three times that he even knew Jesus. Jesus was crucified, buried and rose from the dead. Several days later, Jesus meets with Peter.

Talk about uncomfortable!

We read about this meeting John 21. “Do you love Me?” Jesus asks Peter not once, but twice. Then He asks, “Peter, do you even like me?” We read about Peter’s response here:

Peter was hurt…John 21:17 The Easy Bible

Jesus doesn’t try to smooth things over. Instead, He stirs them up! He brings the shame and hurt that Peter felt right out into the open. Jesus does not minimize. He does not ignore. There are no “elephants in the room” when Jesus is there. He wanted to restore Peter, and He knew the only way to do it was to get out the scalpel and do surgery on his soul. Peter said that he would follow Jesus to prison and to death. But his promise was empty, a bunch of hot air. Peter now knows how little he has to offer. He’s not at all sure that Jesus will take him back. So Jesus brings all this shame and uncertainty out into the open. Then He tells Peter the truth: “You are restored. You will care for my followers. After a long and faithful life, you will do exactly what you promised: You will follow Me to prison and to death.” Peter emerged from this meeting a courageous leader who stood up to the most powerful men of his day, and did not back down. He was transformed.

Want to be transformed? Let God speak to you in the vulnerable place of your feelings.


Remember, you were designed to make a difference!


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