The prosperous Christian

Think Abraham, the Old Testament patriarch whose wealth steadily increased throughout his life.

Maybe you have an almost “supernatural” ability to make money. You put together deals and bucket loads of money fall into your lap.

If this is you, then your life also can be a beautiful display of God’s goodness and greatness. You show the world how much God loves prospering His kids, and how rich and generous His heart is. God might be offering you the opportunity to partner with Him on a level most people can only dream about. Many people who have this gift also have the gift of giving—they give away huge chunks of their wealth to advance God’s purposes here on earth.

Again, the dangers are many. Wealth is power, and power can so easily be abused. It’s easy to forget how much power you have, and how your decisions can profoundly alter someone else’s life. It’s also easy to get caught up in the game of making money and forget why God is entrusting you with His wealth. Are you listening to His voice? Do you share His heart?

Verses for further study: Genesis 13:2, 26:12-13, Psalm 62:10, 112:3, James 5:1-6, 1 Timothy 6:6-10, 6:17-19, Mark 10:17-31

We are looking at five different ways Christians experience money.
1. The diligent Christian
2. The Christian living by faith
3. The destitute Christian
4. The prosperous Christian
5. The Christian in financial recovery

Image of business person adapted from a public domain image supplied by freeqration.

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