The father heart of God: Snapshot #1

“Boy, if I ever have kids I’m gonna teach ‘em to behave.” That was my pre-fatherhood concept of fathering.

Then our daughter—our first child—was born. One tenth of a second after she was born, my whole idea of making my kids obey went right out the window.

Wow! I was overwhelmed. I never knew what an honor it was to hold in my own arms a child—a life God had entrusted to me. To me! Why had this secret of fatherhood been so long withheld from me?

I found myself standing there, filled with wonder that I couldn’t put into words.

What an honor it was to be someone’s dad.

So that was my first lesson. God loves being our father.


PS. On May 18, the Inner Wealth topic will be neutralizing unpleasant emotions. We’ll talk about where unpleasant emotions come from, two categories of unpleasant emotions, and step-by-step tactics you can take to return to peace and joy.

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