The door with many locks

Two things first:

1. I know this is two days in a row after a 4 month hiatus. Sorry. Maybe someday I’ll be consistent. Meanwhile, this is me.

2. This isn’t original with me. I learned it years ago from my friend Steve Freitag. So, thanks, Steve!

Also available as a short video here…

Imagine a door with many locks.

You can’t open that door until ALL of the locks are unlocked, right?

Sometimes in life, we get stuck. It seems like we’re making no progress at all. We’re trying our best, but nothing is happening.

It’s easy to get frustrated, discouraged, or impatient with ourselves or with others when this happens.

But, let me suggest that you may have come to a door with many locks. You’ve found the key to unlock one of those locks or two of those locks or many of those locks. But you need to find the remaining keys.

So let me encourage you not to give up. It may be that you only need to find one more key, and then the door will swing open, and you will advance to the next level.

Be encouraged!


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