Pre- Miracle Territory

Sooner or later you’re going to find yourself here. You have a problem you can’t solve. You have a need you can’t meet. You have an adversary you cannot overcome.

We see this everywhere in the Bible. Moses and the Israelis escape Egyptian slavery only to find themselves backed against the Red Sea with the Egyptian army closing in. Pre-miracle territory. A woman spends all she has on doctors, and, instead of getting better, she gets worse. Pre-miracle territory. Elijah, hiding from King Ahab, drinks from the brook, but then the brook dries up. Pre-miracle territory.

I’m not talking about presumption. We don’t jump out in front of a semi and expect God to show up and save us. I’m talking about doing your best to stay in step with God, and your path takes you into trouble that’s way over your head.

In fact, I will say this: If you don’t occasionally find yourself in pre-miracle territory, I feel sorry for you. If you always have enough money, if you always have good health, if you can always solve your own problems thank you very much, then you have no opportunity to experience a God who is much, much bigger than you.

Are you in a mess? Lift up your head. Listen for the voice of God. Get ready for the deliverance God has custom designed for you.

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