Jesus can be trusted with our brokenness

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No matter how tough we are on the outside, there are places inside that are fragile. Many people spend most of their lives avoiding these places. After all, who wants to feel weak?

This is, by the way, a big reason why anger hangs on us and we hang on to it. Anger covers over those scary places where we are weak. If we make enough noise with our anger, then no one will hear our fear, our shame, our loneliness.

But Jesus reassures us that He can be trusted with those fragile places inside.

It seems strange to me that people pray that God would break them. God knows that we are already broken. The need is not for God to break us, but rather for us to trust God with our brokenness.

And so here the voice of Jesus speaks softly to fear and doubt. It’s okay. With Jesus we will be okay.

From the Bible
Even the most fragile person is safe with God’s Servant. Isaiah 42:3 The Easy Bible


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Photo credit: Adapted from a photo by Travis Miller, Flickr, Creative Commons License

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