“Who touched Me?” Jesus asked. Luke 8:45

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I hate making phone calls. I’m getting better with this, but I’d much rather email someone than call them, as a rule. Why? I hate interrupting people.

Maybe that’s because I hate being interrupted.

Jesus, of course, was interrupted constantly. If you read through the gospels, you’ll find that much—maybe most—of His ministry was responding to interruptions.

In this passage, Jesus is on a mission: to heal a dying twelve-year-old girl. I can imagine how urgent her father’s pleas were for Jesus to waste no time and come to his home right away.

Along the way, Jesus was interrupted—not once, but constantly. The crowd was jostling Him, throwing questions at Him, making requests, pressing in from every direction. Jesus ignored all those interruptions, save one.

“Who touched Me?” He asked.

This was the one interruption that Jesus sensed was different. This interruption merited a stop—even a stop on the way to heal a dying girl.


It’s a very human story. A woman’s personal physical problem was consuming her life. All she had was gone and her problem was worse instead of better. She knows that God will heal her if only she can touch the edge of the Master’s robe.

I can so relate to this woman. She didn’t want to interrupt the important Healer. She just wanted to sneak in, quietly get her miracle, and steal away. But Jesus said, “Why touched Me?”

In that moment, Jesus validates all of us who are afraid to interrupt. We are important too. He calls us out and He wants to hear our story. He wants to look at us. He wants to listen to us. He wants to speak to us. He wants to send us away with His blessing.


PS. This coming week in Inner Wealth we’ll be discussing paradigm shifts—what they are and how God uses them to transform our lives.

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