Dressing up for God?


Many unhappy people are trying to “dress up” for God.

God will like me if… I lust less, pray more, be nice, tow the line, yada yada.

So…here’s the question: How good do you gotta be before God actually likes having you around? And here’s the answer: Wrong question. God already likes you, and, yes, He’s perfectly aware of all of your little secrets, and, no, He’s not disgusted with you.

Little children don’t clean up for their parents. Their parents clean them up. Their parents dress them. God knows that we don’t have the ability to “dress up” for Him. That’s why He meets us where we are. His presence transforms us, and the only way—the only way—to get into His presence is to go there honestly, just as we are.

A Spiritual Self Defense thought

Bible trivia:
Answer from last time: 1 Peter (1:23)
New question: What was the name of Manoah’s long-haired son?

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