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Here’s how you can access your INNER WEALTH subscription

This page is intended for those who are familiar with the INNER WEALTH subscription. If you are not, please start here.

Because your situation is uniquely your situation, I’ve created four points of entry. Choose the one that best fits you. (For comparison chart, scroll down.)


Which of these 4 options best describes you?

You’re used to paying your own way, and you don’t need or want anyone to subsidize anything for you. You are an Independent Subscriber. $39.95 per month with a 7-day free trial. Unsubscribe any time.

You’re shopping for a bargain. Money is tight, and full price doesn’t quite work. But you’re willing to help out by inviting family and friends to join Inner Wealth also. You are a Budget Subscriber. $19.95 per month. Unsubscribe any time.

You’re ready to take on the challenge of recruiting 20 Inner Wealth subscribers. You’re making yourself and me a promise to get out there at least three times a week—social media, email, phone calls, face-to-face conversations—whatever it takes to get people signed up. (But absolutely no spamming, PLEASE!!) As compensation for the value you bring, you earn a 97% discount on your subscription. In addition, if you give me the names of 30 people who are subscribed as a result of your efforts, I will give you all the privileges of a super subscriber which means you get instant access to everything, and private email access to me. If that’s you, you are an Evangelist Subscriber. $1 per month. Unsubscribe any time.

You’re all in, and you want it all right now. You see the value in this, and you want to support this fully. If that’s you, then you’re a Super Subscriber. $100.00 per month. Unsubscribe anytime. You also get instant access to everything—free access to all my courses, access to all my Inner Wealth teaching as soon as I create it and for as long as I have it posted. Plus, you get email access to me. Within reason, send your questions directly to me, and I’ll respond privately via email at my earliest convenience.




Samples of Inner Wealth Teaching

NOTE: This is where your subscription package makes a difference. All subscribers have access to current Inner Wealth teachings UNTIL they expire. But SUPER SUBSCRIBERS have ongoing access to these teachings even AFTER they expire.

Can you trust your feelings? Many people believe that feelings are not important to faith. But knowing what to do with your feelings can revolutionize your faith. A critically important teaching very few people understand. Expires: 12/12/18

Freedom is better than trying harder… Most people think the key to spiritual growth is setting goals and trying hard to achieve them. But 99% of the time, this actually short circuits and PREVENTS spiritual growth. There is a little known alternative. Expires: 12/12/18

Can we really live a good life? I used to believe that we were so tainted with sin in the presence of a holy God that we had no hope of living a good life. Let me explain to you why I know believe otherwise. Expires: 12/19/18

Are we constantly sinning? Maybe you’ve heard sermons that could be entitled, “Yet another 15 ways you are sinning and didn’t know it.” I’ve heard many sermons like that, and for many years that’s what I believed. Now I see things from a much different perspective. Expires: 12/19/18

The alternative to self confidence… Are we hot stuff? No, if we’re honest, we need to admit that we are all flawed human beings. Yet, there is reason for confidence, all kinds of confidence. But it’s not what I once expected it to be. Expires: 12/26/18

Get real… Once upon a time I was so good at being a fake, that I fooled everybody—including myself. But my life started to turn around when I learned to get honest with myself and honest with God. Expires: 12/26/18

The vacuum principle… What happens when you take away sin? You get righteousness, right? WRONG! You don’t, and this explains why 99% of our efforts to overcome sin simply DO NOT WORK. Expires: 01/02/19

Overcoming temptation, sin, and addiction… This ought to be Christianity 101 for every believer. Sadly, very few people understand these important principles. Expires: 01/02/19

The myth of busyness… It sounds good to say that we’re busy, really busy. But could we be masking a real problem? Expires: 01/09/19

Triggers: How to use them to your own advantage… All those things in life that are driving you up a wall—if you know how to use them—they’re almost like money in the bank. Expires: 01/16/19

What is inner wealth? A basic explanation. (Does not expire)

How inner wealth changes our view of God… And that makes all the difference… (Does not expire)

How inner wealth makes it easy to apologize… Is it hard for you to admit it when you mess up? It used to be really hard for me. But something happened to change that. As a result, I get along much better with my wife, my kids, my friends. (Does not expire)

How inner wealth makes it easier to forgive others… Forgiving others can seem like an impossible chore, until you know a few secrets that makes it much, much easier. (Does not expire)

Is “inner wealth” found in the Bible? Great question. The answer is YES! It’s found throughout the Bible. I’ll help you get started. NOTE: My Discoveries module—something that updates every single day—is a collection of examples of finding Inner Wealth throughout the Bible. (Does not expire)

Spiritual disciplines and inner wealth… Prayer, Bible study, church attendance, and so on—these things are good, but they don’t, by themselves, accomplish what many claim they accomplish. They don’t make us better Christians. There’s an entirely different process for that. (Does not expire)

Better results with a partner… How to get much better Inner Wealth results by enlisting a partner. (Does not expire)

Try Hard Religion 1-4: What it is… This is pervasive. I believed it for many, many years. Almost everyone I know embraces this, but I believe it is entirely false. Expires: 01/30/19

Try Hard Religion 2-4: Where it comes from… Could it be we are fighting a battle that was already fought? Could it be that we are trying to win a victory that was already won? We gotta break free from a mindset that’s designed to keep us from growing. Expires: 01/30/19

Try Hard Religion 3-4: How it harms… The victims of Try Hard Religion include those who are most successful at it. They’ve robbed themselves of the alternative. Meanwhile, many others settle for second best, or drop out altogether. Expires: 01/30/19

Try Hard Religion 4-4: The Alternative… So … should we instead be lazy? No, not at all. There’s an amazing different path that most people never discover. But once you do, it changes everything. Expires: 01/30/19

The Truth that Sets You Free… Okay, so Jesus says, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” (John 8:32) But many people know the truth, yet are not free. What gives? Why aren’t they free? What are they missing? Once you understand this, it opens up a whole new world for you. Expires: 02/06/19