I am a(n) …

Kim calls me “a medical miracle.” Even after four decades of marriage, I’m still not sure what she means by that, but I think it might be complimentary, so I smile when she says it.

When our oldest, Liza, was a young child, we read to her the story of Frosty the Snowman. She cried for three days. Frosty melted. Nothing we could say would console her. Hans came along, and he was like, “What? Someone melted?” as he looked around the room at something in his world we could never see. Alan thought Frosty would melt much more efficiently at the business end of a flame thrower. And Sally said, “It serves him right. Any snowman stupid enough to go dancing around on a sunny day deserves to melt.”

Of the 20+ books I’ve written, which is my favorite? I don’t know. I always laugh and cry whenever I reread The Man from Sun Prairie, so my mind goes there, although I put far more work into Spiritual Self Defense. My most popular book has been The Gift of Transformation. I recently finished What it means to follow Jesus. And here’s me reading from my book, A Beautiful Christmas:

No, I don’t predict the future or give you “a word from the Lord.” But I also don’t follow the crowd. I’m not a herd animal. At my core, I’m on a lonely mountaintop listening for the voice of God.

Maybe I should use the term “pioneer.” Long ago I abandoned the idea of climbing the corporate ladder, preferring instead to pilot my own boat in the open water. No, I’m not rich, but I love the adventure.

I love explaining God to Christians and atheists alike. I am focused on Christian transformation and how to forgive others. See my courses here.

Child of God
When I was a young boy, I was captivated by the story of Enoch—the man who walked with God. That’s all really I’ve ever wanted to be—a man who walks with God.

When I can, I share some thoughts with my friends. I’d love for you to be in that group. Here’s where it happens: