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A breakthrough idea





The power we have

You and I have the power to end poverty as we know it in the United States.

I know that sounds outrageous, but when you finish reading my book, I think you’ll agree with me.

Consider this challenge:

You have 10 years to get me out of poverty. If you succeed, you get $100 million. If you fail, you will be shot.


Would you find a way to get that person out of poverty? Of course you would. The impossible suddenly became possible. Now consider this little cartoon I drew for you. (Click on it if you need it enlarged.)


A cartoon

In short, there is a way to end poverty. It’s win-win. It helps everyone, and it doesn’t hardly cost anything. But we need to help people understand that. That’s why we’re making a documentary.

Here’s what I have in mind:


The Poverty Game—A documentary

You have 10 years to get me out of poverty. If you succeed, you get $100 million. If you fail, you will be shot. Good luck.

Welcome to The Poverty Game! Your job is to get me across the canyon that separates the poor from the middle class and beyond. Here are the rules: You and I are on the same team. The only way to win is for me to get out of poverty and for you to experience a net gain.

Let’s start playing. We’ll start with the ten minute fix, like others have tried on me. Hmm. That didn’t work. Let’s try blame. Okay, we’ve blamed everybody we can think of; why am I still in poverty? Let’s change my behavior. How about more welfare benefits? Or, here’s a great idea: let’s take my benefits away! When we’re done with those, I have a pile of other solutions that don’t work also.

So why am I still in poverty? The game isn’t going very well. The firing squad is lining up.

Blindfold? Cigarette?

Wait! Hold your fire! Maybe others have played this game and won. What can we learn from them? What about celebrities and others who have climbed out of poverty? Let’s talk to them. What about experts who are helping people climb out of poverty? Let’s talk to them. (*Yes, I’m being vague about who we have lined up until everything is finalized.)

Back to our game. Maybe there is a way to get me out of poverty. But remember the rules. You need a net gain also. How can we do that? Sorry, we don’t really have $100 million, but maybe there is a way we can reward you for investing in me. Could it be that we’re overlooking an ingenious solution that empowers us both to win?


Okay, okay. Next step for you. If you haven’t already read my book, let me recommend that to you:



How you can help

Here’s where you can help. I need help pushing these ideas forward. You can join my Facebook group. You can visit my website, WeWillEndPoverty.com. You can help me find people to interview and money to make the documentary. You can contact me here:


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