Do you have people in your life who really irritate you?

Have you been hurt?
Have you been snubbed?
Have you been mistreated?

You know who I mean…

(Check all that apply)

people who drive the wrong speed, hog the road, cut you off, follow too close

that supervisor who doesn’t know when to stop

the neighbor with his loud cars and loud parties

grammar Nazis


that woman who lied about you

someone else:

people who hog the conversation

manipulators and back stabbers

parents who don’t get it (or kids who don’t get it)


people who keep you on hold for 45 minutes (and then they don’t even help you)

someone else:


Or let’s take it up a notch

The man who got you fired

The uncle who molested you

The man who broke into your home

someone else:

The ex who ruined your life


Should I keep going?

Do you know what all these people have in common?